Madeleine Maby


Madeleine Maby is a professional actor and narrator based in Brooklyn, NY.

She loves collaborating on new works, as well as diving into comedic period pieces and classics, and she can't wait to work with you.

Aside from acting Madeleine loves watching old movies, particularly film noir and slapstick, long conversations, all things ginger, reading sci-fi and fantasy, visiting friends around the world, and spending time with her wonderful husband. 

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After a fantastic summer at The Barnstormers Theater performing in Charles Morey's Laughingstock and my 7th Agatha Christie (and one of my favorites) And Then There Were None, I’m back in the city to record some audiobooks and do some theater.

I just completed a fun, and timely, book for Simon & Schuster titled What Would Cleopatra Do? that lets us know what we can learn from 50 badass women through history, from Boudicca to Rosa Parks, it’s educational and entertaining. Two other recent releases I enjoyed working on are The Infinite Blacktop, by Sara Gran, a twisty noir detective story with an untrustworthy narrator, and In Her Bones, by Kate Moretti, a thriller about the families left behind after murder.

And I’ll be appearing onstage opposite the wonderful Charlie Wilson in the two hander rom com Fusion by Adam Parrish. It’s playing September 27th-October 14th at The Actors Theater Workshop in NYC.




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